We Make Dreams Come True!

Lacefield Music was founded with the sole purpose helping people reach their dream of playing piano. At Lacefield Music when you buy a piano, we teach you to play the piano you’ve purchased.

After working in a local music store, Lacefield Music founder Cathy Krubsack realized that once people returned home with a newly purchased piano, they were on their own.

Without continued guidance and support, the majority of those people never realized their dream of learning to play. So she set out with her son, Steve Lacefield, to change all that. Together, they opened the first Lacefield Music in 1995.

It All Starts with a Great – or Should We Say Grand – Piano

In order to pursue a dream of playing piano, you first need a piano. The piano brands we carry at Lacefield Music make use of the manufacturing methods perfected years ago while also embracing the new technologies emerging every day.

In all our stores, you will find top-of-the-line Kawai pianos with incredible tone and ultra-responsive touch –at a great price! From concert grands to uprights to high-tech digitals, no matter what you’re looking for in a piano, Lacefield Music has it.

What Sets Us Apart

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  • Lacefield Music is a nationally recognized but locally owned family business that provides the high-quality pianos and first-rate music education.
  • Our goal is to share our love of music, not force high-pressure sales tactics on our customers.
  • We stock only the highest quality pianos from the best names in the industry.
  • Every Lacefield piano owner receives unlimited free piano lessons FOR LIFE.
  • We not only sell pianos; we help make dreams come true.

Unlimited Adult Piano Classes with your Lacefield Music Purchase – The Next Step to Pursuing Your Dream

To help people reach their dream of learning to play piano, Lacefield Music offers FREE unlimited lifetime group piano classes to all Lacefield customers. Throughout the week, Lacefield Music piano instructors teach small group piano lessons for all skill levels at each of our stores.

Any Lacefield Music piano owner is welcome to register for any of our group classes. With a wide variety of age groups and skill levels, you’re bound to find a class that’s right for you. You won’t find a deal much better than that anywhere else!