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Yamaha B3SC2 Silent Piano

The B3 approaches professional standards whilst remaining true to the B series' design philosophy of value and affordability. The SC2 Silent system offers the best of acoustic and digital - a piano that can be played either acoustically or silently through headphones!


What is SILENT Piano™?

When the SILENT Piano™ function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others. The Yamaha Silencing System is unsurpassed, allowing 24hr practice as well as possessing many other features including a range of pre-installed sounds, being able to record your own performances or connecting mobile devices to use the latest Apps.

Key sensors

Under each of the 88 keys is a Yamaha-unique continuous-detection grey-scale shutter key sensor. These sensors detect the movement of the keys continually, allowing natural musical expression even when the piano is in SILENT Piano function. Since they do not come into contact with the keys, these sensors do not affect the feel of the keyboard in any way.

"Microphone-Free" Recording

SILENT Piano SC2 type can record one song in the internal memory. Additionally, connecting commercially available USB memory to the unit allows you save recording data, and play back songs.

Affordable Quality

Produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia from a scale design developed in Japan, b Series pianos are Yamaha's most affordable entry-level uprights. Although reduced production costs allow budget-friendly prices, Yamaha makes no compromises in the materials and workmanship that go into these exceptional uprights.

Quality Components, Quality Sound
Supported by four sturdy wooden back posts and a strong cast iron frame, b Series pianos are endowed with Yamaha's renowned pure, clear tone. High-grade hammers and a proven action design offer effortless playing and a highly responsive keyboard 'touch' that make these uprights ideal for beginning players.


Yamaha's b Series features pianos in a range of heights, widths, and depths. The b1 and b2 boast slender profiles, making them ideal for small spaces. With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the b3 upright requires a little more room but brings a rich, far-reaching sound.


Number of Keys: 88
Type of Keys: White: Acrylic Resin / Black: Phenolic Resin
Pedals: Damper/Muffler/Softt
Hammer: b Series Special
Back Post: 5
Silencing System Mechanism: Hammer shank stopper operated by center pedal
Action: Quick Escape mechanism
Polyphony: 64
Preset Number of Voices: 10
Reverb: Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage
Preset Number of Songs: 50 (50 Greats for the Piano)
Headphones: Stereo mini jack (x2)
Width: 60"
Height: 47.5"
Depth: 24"
Weight: 531 lbs