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Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KENCL

5'0" Disklavier Enspire CL Baby Grand

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-Enormous library of music, featuring the performance of the original artist
-Practice with headphones in SILENT mode
-Stream live concerts with Disklavier TV and Radio (annual subscription fee)
-Setup and assistance from Lacefield Music's Disklavier experts



A more human experience

No two artists are alike. Disklavier features two patented systems that work together to recreate the intangible, human variations that other reproducing pianos can’t. Our Optical Sensor System continuously measures the subtle movements of each key, hammer and pedal, while our AccuPlay Technology interprets every detail in real time and adjusts to faithfully reproduce each note.

This is what cutting edge sounds like

The subtle ways an artist presses and releases each key determines the quality of sound. Disklavier is the only reproducing piano that measures both key attack and release, capturing the articulation of every performance, with up to 1024 dynamic levels of key and hammer velocities and 256 unique pedal positions.

Proprietary Video Sync Technology

Record recitals, concerts or rehearsals, sync them to video and play them back on your piano. Then save them and share with family and friends. Disklavier makes every live performance come to life.


Quiet please

Quiet Mode turns your acoustic piano into a purely digital instrument that plays at your chosen volume through fully-integrated speakers. Or turn off the volume and turn on SILENT Piano™. Our proprietary binaural recording method recreates every nuance of the sound and presence of our flagship Yamaha CFX in your headphones.

Connect with your smart devices

The world’s most advanced piano is remarkably easy to use. Disklavier connects wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet or laptop for quick access to the ENSPIRE Controller app.

The world's top artists in you living room

Disklavier faithfully recreates exclusive performances from Yamaha artists including Sarah McLachlan, Bob James and Jamie Cullum as if they were sitting at your piano. Plus their band, ensemble or symphony will be right there with them in the fully-integrated speakers. Download thousands of performances in all genres of music, from solo piano to piano accompanied by world renowned philharmonic orchestras.

Exclusive streaming services

Yamaha Piano Radio and Disklavier TV let you stream any one of 30 channels of music and hundreds of videos directly to your piano, 24/7/365. And it’s the only service that streams live performances from the concert stage directly to your living room.

Born to be Disklavier

Each Yamaha Disklavier is conceived, designed and built from the ground up, fashioned by Yamaha master craftsmen in the same factory where our acoustic pianos are made, and using the same time-honored, traditional methods.

Plays well with others

Disklavier easily connects to your home theater system, recording software and the MusicCast wireless ecosystem to make all the devices you love do more things you love.


Enspire CL Specifications

Fully integrated playback system
Supported file formats: Standard MIDI, MP3, WAV, Analog-MIDI
500 built-in songs
Available songs: 9,000
Streaming radio service with 30+ channels
Streaming video service (free with radio subscription)
128 levels of keying velocity
128 levels of key release velocity
128 levels of incremental pedaling (damper lift mechanism)
480 ensemble voices with 12 Drum Kits
256-note polyphony
Compatible storage media: USB Flash Memory (up to 128GB)
MIDI connectivity: 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT, USB TO HOST
Audio connectivity: Analog audio IN x 2, analog audio OUT x 4, digital coax OUT (2CH)
Data connectivity: LAN, USB TO DEVICE x 3 (uprights x 2)
Integrated speakers: Yamaha MSP3 powered monitors x 1
Control integration: iOS/Android app, Mac/PC browser, MusicCast app, custom API )