Preowned Acoustic Pianos

Used Grands Steinway B.jpg

Steinway Model B

$24,999 SALE $18,999!

The Model B is Steinway's most highly regarded piano. This 6'11" Classic Grand is the first choice for countless players, music teachers and institutions. The tone is beautifully mellow yet clear, with a rich bass. This piano new retails for $112,000!

Call 636-778-2070 for more information!

Used Grand Weber Player 1.JPG

Weber Player Baby Grand Piano


Great condition baby grand player piano. This would be a great piano for an improving student needing a grand to progress, or for anyone wanting live piano music in their home! The player system can play thousands of songs AND even record and recreate your own performances!

Call our Chesterfield store at 636-778-2070 for more information.

Used Grands Steinway M copy.JPG

Steinway Model M

$18,999 SALE $14,999!

Beautiful Steinway baby grand piano with fantastic sound! This piano new today retails at $76,600!

The 5’7” size is great - large enough for a clear and powerful sound, but easily small enough to fit in most homes.

This piano is at our Chesterfield store. For more information call Pete at 618-514-7110.

Used Grand DH Baldwin Grand.JPG

DH Baldwin Baby Grand Piano


A great piano and beautiful piece of furniture! At 5’8” the sound is clear and powerful. Price includes:


First Tuning in Home


UNLIMITED ADULT PIANO CLASSES at any Lacefield location! Free and fun piano classes for anyone in your family.

For more information call Pete at 618-514-7110.

Used Grand Schaefer Grand 1.JPG

Schafer Baby Grand Piano

This piano is on consignment at a very low price! For more information including pricing call our Chesterfield store at 636-778-2070.

Beautiful cabinet and sound! At 5 foot this piano will fit in almost any home.

Horugel Baby Grand Piano

$4,999 SALE $2,999!

This piano has a powerful sound and would be a good instrument for a beginner to intermediate player. Financing is available on all our pianos! For more information call 636-778-2070.

Used Vert Kawai Console 1.jpg

Kawai Console


Good quality Kawai console piano in great condition! Includes bench, 1st tuning in your home, warranty and unlimited free adult piano classes! For more information call our Chesterfield store at 636-778-2070.

Used Vert Yamaha M500 1.jpg

Yamaha Console


Yamaha M-500 Console Piano. Less than 20 years old and it plays, sounds and looks great. Features a practice pedal for keeping the volume low when practicing!

Includes matching bench, warranty, 1st tuning in your home, and unlimited free adult piano classes! For more information call Pete at 618-514-7110.

Used Vert Yamaha MX88.JPG

Yamaha Disklavier Upright Player

Consignment at a very low price! Call 636-778-2070 for more information including pricing.

This is a high quality Yamaha studio upright piano in great shape, with the BONUS of a Disklavier player system! Plays back thousands of songs and even records!

Used Vert Steinway Black.jpg

Steinway Studio Upright Piano

$2,999 SALE $2,299!

This piano functions well with a light and easy touch. The equivalent model new retails at $34,300! For more information call our Chesterfield store at 636-778-2070.

Used Vert Everett Console.JPG

Everett Console Piano


This piano was traded in for a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. Price includes bench and UNLIMITED adult piano classes at any Lacefield location - Chesterfield, South County and Fairview Heights IL!

Call Pete at 618-514-7110 for more information.

Used Vert Lowrey Console 1.JPG

Lowrey Console

$1,999 SALE $1,499!

This piano is in great shape and plays very well. All the keys and pedals function perfectly and this would be an excellent piano for a beginner. Store warranty included.

For more information call 636-778-2070.

Preowned Digital Pianos

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Digi Yamaha CLP565GP.jpg

Yamaha Digital Mini-Grand Piano

Yamaha Clavinova CLP565GP Digital Mini-Grand Piano! Great sound, hammer action for high quality touch, lots of sounds and features and a beautiful cabinet!

For more information call 636-778-2070.

Digi Yamaha CVP-70 1.JPG

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-70

$999 WEB PRICE $699

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-70 Digital Ensemble piano with weighted keys and rhythm styles! The price includes matching bench, a set of new headphones AND unlimited adult piano classes! Call 636-778-2070 for more information.





Music Making Fun!  Call (314) 845-3760 to join lessons!

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Acoustic Piano Tuning & Repair

Ty Uphoff, RPT - Schedule online or Call 636-866-1013

Piano Tuning / Pitch Raise / Regulation / Voicing / Repair / Light Cleanings / Full Service Maintenance Appointments


Digital Piano & Organ Repair

Brian Way - Digital Repair Technician

Is your digital piano, keyboard, or organ sick? Need repairs? Hire the best doctor in the world:

The Digital Doctor........ Brian Way.

Call 314-732-6669 or email

piano moving & storage

Moving-Storage (1).jpg

Moving a piano is a complicated process.  Pianos & organs are not only extremely heavy & awkward but also fragile.  Pianos have thousands of moving parts and can be easily damaged if not moved properly.  Don't risk damage to your instrument, your home or yourself, hire the experts!                           

Moving your piano with Lacefield Music will give you peace of mind with our dedicated & experienced movers as well as having the safety of a company who is fully insured.            

The piano delivery department at Lacefield Music delivers dozens of pianos and organs each week. We hire only the best, most experienced, trustworthy professional movers.  No outside contract workers here. When it comes to your next move or piano pick-up, trust only the best.                                  

We offer     

  • Guaranteed protection of your treasured piano or organ

  • An experienced, trustworthy professional moving crew

  • Proper moving and storage equipment

  • Care and consideration to prevent damage to your home during the move

  • A fully insured move from start to finish


Call (636) 778-2070 to schedule your piano or organ move!