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CH-LVL01: Level 1 - Adult Piano Course - Chesterfield

This class includes traditional and creative ways to learn to play the piano. In the Lacefield Music Adult Piano Class you will learn the basics, which include:

-Learning and understanding the entire piano keyboard
-Learn how to read music
-Play eight full songs with both the right and left hand, with the opportunity to learn endless more
-Understand timing and music notation

This class also promises to give you many unexpected experiences, which include:

-Having Fun
-Meeting new people that often become friends outside of class
-Lowering stress levels
-Accomplishing a dream you many have believed was forever out of reach

There is a difference between performance music making and recreational music making.

To explain the difference, you may have known people who have taken years of piano lessons but can only sit down and play a few songs. This may even have been your experience. Often in formal performance music training the student works on a piece for many months so that it is memorized and "concert" ready.

Recreational music making is sitting down to a piano and playing your favorite songs instantly. Recreational music making will make you the kind of musician that can also play for friends and family if you ever choose to do so. This class will concentrate on recreational music making.

Skill Details:
ANYONE, regardless of age or experience, can learn piano in a short amount of time with the right course.
Materials Included:
8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions
Purchase of Class Materials Packet $29.99 Includes: Class Book DVD- for refresher of class while at home Chord Chart Keyboard Guides
Instructor Name:
Dwayne Hilton

CH-LVL01: Level 1 - Adult Piano Course - Chesterfield

$ 29.99
Includes 8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions ***Class Materials to be purchased SEPARATELY!***