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Specialty Class - South County

8 Weeks of Class for Only $99.99

If you've purchased a piano from us - any piano - Lacefield Music's Adult Piano Classes are FREE for all the adults in your household!
Skill Details:
ANYONE regardless of age or experience, can learn piano in a short amount of time with the right course.
Materials Included:
8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions
Purchase of Beatles Super Easy Songbook $15.99
Instructor Name:
Cathy McReynolds
Instructor Bio:
Cathy McReynolds is the founder of Lacefield Music. She began playing the piano as an adult. Together with Lacefield's president, Dwayne, she developed and wrote the 88Play courses specifically designed to teach anyone regardless of age or experience to play the piano in a short time.

Contact: 314-845-3760

Specialty Class - South County

$ 99.99
Includes 8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions ***Class Materials to be purchased SEPARATELY!***