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CH-LVL03: Level 3 - Adult Piano Course - Chesterfield

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed our Level 2 Piano Class. Level 3 is a continuation of our Level 2 course. From Level 2 to Level 3, we worked to challenge you every week. However our goal is to make it relatively seamless, so when you go back and play songs from Level 1 and 2 again, you'll be playing those songs with a lot more comfort and ease.

As always with a Lacefield Music Class you will
-Have Fun!
-Enjoy learning together in a class
-Learn by having a "hands-on" experience
-Learn by playing together as an ensemble in our piano lab
-Enjoy your classes for FREE with a purchase of a keyboard instrument
-Always continue your piano education by learning new concepts each week
-Enjoy a sense of accomplishment as you graduate together at our "Graduation Party" at the end of the course
-Enjoy the social aspects of making new and lifelong friends by sharing a love that we all have in common- MUSIC!

Remember our approach. These courses are not designed for classical "wannabes". It is rather designed for Recreational Music Making. We know and understand that you want to play for your own enjoyment. By taking these classes, you will play both hands, learn new chords, and learn a new song every week! You will play your favorite pop songs, standards, country songs, gospel songs, and light classical music in a short time. You are probably already amazed at what you can already do in just your first eight weeks with us.

Just wait and be amazed at what you'll be playing at the end of these eight weeks!

Skill Details:
ANYONE regardless of age or experience, can learn piano in a short amount of time with the right course.
Materials Included:
8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions
Purchase of Class Materials $16.99 Includes: Class Book
Instructor Name:
Pete Hawkins
Instructor Bio:
Pete Hawkins in a partner of Lacefield Music. This sweet Brit was classically trained in the piano and was introduced to the Lacefield Way of playing the piano when he became an employee. He was like so many who could only sit down to play memorized pieces. Now he can tickle the ivories with whatever genre of music his heart desires.

Contact: 636-778-2070

CH-LVL03: Level 3 - Adult Piano Course - Chesterfield

$ 99.99
Includes 8 Lessons and additional Help Sessions ***Class Materials to be purchased SEPARATELY!***