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The Simple Way to Play Piano By Cathy

There is a simple way to play the piano that everyone can learn to do and sound great quickly. So why isn’t it taught that way?

This past winter 2018 and I watched the Olympics with joy at the incredible expertise these young athletes have. I wondered, why is it that so many people can enjoy doing a hobby such as this and never feel compelled to jump off of a platform with skis on and do triple back flips? In fact, I just took a few skiing lessons in Park City this year, learned basic skiing and had so much fun and was SO PROUD of what I could do!

Very few people will ever play piano on the concert stage. So why do we teach every child and adult as though that is the end goal? Granted, traditional piano education is so valuable especially for children, (and I will go into the benefits of this at a different time) but when it becomes obvious that they aren’t going to pursue a career with the symphony, why don’t we teach them the “easy” way?

What is the “easy” way? One of the reasons playing the piano is so hard is that the right hand and the left hand have to do two separate things at the same time. BUT the number one reason the piano is hard is because the right hand and left hand have to read two different lines of music at the same time. And to make it even harder, the left hand lines and spaces are different than the right hand. This is like reading two sets of instructions at the same time and putting that info into your hand.

Now the truth! All your left hand ever has been or ever will be are chords! These chords are boxes on top of the music notes and it changes everything! Lacefield Music’s 88 Play Piano Course makes playing the piano quick and easy in eight lessons!