Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Piano or Keyboard from Lacefield Music: By Dwayne Hilton

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Piano or Keyboard from Lacefield Music:


  1. Lacefield Music’s Staff


Lacefield Music has the best staff in the piano retail industry!  If you come into any one of our locations, you will be greeted by a friendly face and a person who is highly knowledgeable of pianos.  We strive to help any customer by having an extensive knowledge of our instruments. We listen to you and help you find the best piano for your needs and budget.  We are just as excited to tell you all about our hand built pianos that are for the concert hall as well as the perfect pre-owned piano that we just got in on trade! Our staff have won awards by the piano manufactures.  Cathy, Dwayne, Pete, Howard, Jimmy, Heather and Kadie are our piano specialists and will gladly assist you in choosing a great piano. Gary and Peggy work behind the scenes to assist in office management and customer relations.  And we can’t deliver you our pianos without our great delivery staff in Donovan and John.  Carolyn is our Music School Manager and can coordinate you with the best teachers.  And Brian is always here to fix that piano that we just got in on trade to get it working just right for you. And of course, we have great teachers that work in our schools to get you the best of piano education.


2.   Award Winning Retailer


Did you know that Lacefield Music is regularly honored as a top piano retailer in the United States?  We have been named Kawai’s Digital Piano retailer of the year every year since 2008!  We have also been named Lowrey’s “inner circle” award winner since 1998!  Our company has also been featured in many industry publications.   We are excited to continue this trend by giving you, the customer, our very best.



3.  Friendly, Family like Atmosphere with Multiple Locations


Lacefield Music is locally and family owned, operating in the greater St. Louis area.  We have retail showrooms and music schools in South County Center Mall in St. Louis and in St. Charles, MO.  We also have a teaching location in Fairview Heights, IL.  Besides retail showrooms, we also have a Yamaha Music School located in St. Charles and will soon have a second Yamaha School in South County.  Yamaha Music schools are the premier schools for music education in St. Louis. Lacefield Music, like Cheers, is where everyone knows your name!  Come see us and be the newest member of our family!



4.  We know Education


One of our core belief’s is that when you purchase an instrument from Lacefield Music that the piano will not become useless furniture that you have to dust.  We believe that when you purchase and have a piano delivered, it isn’t where our relationship ends.... its where it begins.  We have thriving Yamaha Music Schools where you or your family can take private or group lessons.   Feel free to also participate in our exclusive, Adult piano classes that are designed for the hobbyist.  Thousands of adults in St. Louis have taken these courses and they are the most popular!



5.   Experienced with ANY customer


When you purchase your piano or keyboard from Lacefield Music, you’re in good company!  We have delivered thousands of pianos or keyboards to homes in St. Louis.  But we don’t stop there!  Hotels, churches, theaters, retirement centers, schools and universities are also in the Lacefield Music family!  From The Muny to Busch Stadium-  you hear the sounds from instruments that were inside Lacefield Music.  We also specialize in helping churches- from small, startup churches to the largest of churches in St. Louis.  We help find piano or keyboards to suit any church’s need:  traditional to contemporary worship.  SEMO, SLU, Parkway, Lindbergh, Mehlville, Belleville, O’Fallon, Scott Air Force Base, and many other schools and universities have trusted us.   


6.   Great Selection in Pianos


Lacefield Music has A LOT of pianos to select from.  Choose from great brands, sizes and colors that will fit perfectly for you!  We carry today’s popular brands in every location that makes your shopping easy.  Choose from Kawai, Lowrey, Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, plus many more.  Want a digital piano?  How about a great acoustic piano?  Or check out our baby grands.... or listen to our state of the art wireless player pianos.  Our staff will help you find the perfect piano.  Don’t forget our trade-ins!  We have an excellent selection of gently used pianos that might be the perfect fit for you.


7.  Don’t Rummage Through Garage Sales to Find a Piano


Why go to Craigslist, E-bay, a yard sale or somebody’s creepy dark basement to find a piano?

For the money and time you take to hire a professional piano technician to evaluate the piano, hiring piano movers and coordinating that, plus the cost of the piano; for the same amount of money, save time and put your mind at ease and check out our gently used pianos.  Starting at $500, you can find one at Lacefield Music that has already been checked out and even has a warranty!


8.   Best Delivery Staff


Our delivery crew are the best!  They are full time employees that can deliver your piano to you safely.  They have the special equipment and truck to handle any job.  Do you need a piano moved or stored?  We do that too!  We are the most experienced piano movers in St. Louis.  Trust us to get it from point A to point B without any problems!


9.   Thousands of Customers


Lacefield Music opened in October of 1995 and has served St. Louis.  We have thousands of satisfied customers, students and have made friends with many through the years.  Our service is second to none and our prices are competitive.  You can trust us in all your piano and keyboard needs.


10.  Oh, Did We Mention?   Free Adult Piano Lessons!


With any purchase of a piano, organ or keyboard from Lacefield Music, you get our famous and popular Adult piano lessons.  We introduce all the adults in the family (16 yrs and older) to learning how to play quickly.  This is for the hobbyist to get to play their favorite songs in a short amount of time.  Our courses run in 8 week blocks, one hour per week and starts at Level 1 and graduate to Level 4.  After that, take our free specialty classes to teach you the stylings of Billy Joel or learn the sounds from Phantom of the Opera.  Then go on to our advanced classes where we teach you techniques of the professionals!  You won’t learn Rachmaninoff here, but you’ll learn Elton John!


Come to Lacefield Music today and see why you should buy your next piano from Lacefield Music!