Pianofest 2019

Pianofest 2019


PianoFest is a full rollicking day of food, fun education and entertainment. If you have never attended PianoFest before you must try it out! You will learn all the extras that make the difference between sounding like a beginner and a true professional. These workshops will all be taught the Lacefield Way! Here is a sample itinerary of what you will receive that day!

The Theme- Evolution of Music. Your staff will take you through the years and the way music and music stying has changed. The workshops will include styling on how to play the different type of music such as classical, standards, broadway, and pop. Each workshop will also include theory section to broaden your knowledge!
Event is Saturday November 16th, 8:30am-8:00pm Chesterfield Store

Register & Pay for Pianofest 2019

November 16, 2019

8:30am - 8:00pm

Chesterfield Location

112 Chesterfield Valley Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63005